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Re: RE: Prime-Star Dish - Now Sky dish too

John Kraus tested helical antennas in the 1940's with conductor diameters
from 0.005 to 0.05 wavelengths and could find no difference in performance.
I've used 3/16" OD copper tubing for short 2400 MHz helixes to get the
necessary rigidity without a dielectric tube. I just flattened the last 1/4
turn, drilled a hole in it and soldered it to the connector.



> According to the book, #8 wire should be used for the helix, but there's
> also mention of #12 wire being used.  G3RUH used the inner conductor
> from some coax.  Can I use #12 for a 5 turn helix?  If I use copper
> tubing, how does one solder the tubing to the N connector?

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