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Re: "I Learned About XYZ From That"

At 07:04 AM 6/12/2001 +1000, you wrote:
>There is a magazine called "Flying" (from the USA, actually) that had/has a
>column called "I Learned About Flying From That". It was always compelling
>reading each month. Someone had written in and confessed to how they 

The trade magazine Test & Measurement World recently copied this concept:
Theirs is a bimonthly column called "You Did WHAT?!", with reader stories
about how they accidentally blew up their test equipment through goofs and

Favorite story in there was about a test engineer who spent much time
inserting EPROMS in just the right order to be programmed, but found that
they glowed orange when the programming current went through them.  The
EPROMS were inserted upside down.  Oops.

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