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"I Learned About XYZ From That"

There is a magazine called "Flying" (from the USA, actually) that had/has a
column called "I Learned About Flying From That". It was always compelling
reading each month. Someone had written in and confessed to how they had
nearly or potentially injured or even killed themself and sometimes a load
of passengers, usually their loved-ones.

This was always cathartic, and salutory, and the lesson(s) obvious for
all - - "There but for the grace of God go I" !

I do not advocate we get a witch-hunt going. No. Let's have a little
constructive leaning by teling our own "I Learned About XYZ From That"
before we have a witch-hunt mentality settle over us.

Mine will follow soon.

Peter Ellis
Amateur Radio VK1KEP

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