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Re: Newbies! Don't want to work at it... etc.

On 6/11/01 9:06 AM, "Mike Bucklaew" <mbucklaew@yahoo.com> wrote:

> This reflector is starting to sound more and more like
> 75 meters everyday.  If a newcomer were to come here
> looking for information, I can't imagine them even
> wanting to get on a satellite after they left.  de
> KA2KQP (Mike)
I'm a total newbie to ham and to the satellites.  I have learned to take the
information I need from this reflector and skim over what is useless to me.
I'm actually very excited about getting on to the satellites, especially
ao-40.  What good experience it'll be to get a station up and running.  The
info on this reflector has been excellent for guiding me and helping me
determine what is needed to get a station set up.  After doing research I'm
also realizing that getting an ao-40 station running is fairly easy. The
important things are really patients and just trying new things.  After
hearing uo-14 being so crowded on the few passes I've picked up I'm looking
forward to the room that ao-40 will provide and also the time it will give
me to make contacts rather than rushing.  For myself the rushing I would
need to get onto a sat like uo-14 would probably lead me to making a
mistake, and I think that ao-40 would give me more time to prepare and be
comfortable with satellite operations.  Anyways, that's just my thoughts,
from a new ham.

Brent Weatherall

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