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Re: Newbies! Low cost U/S stations.

Hi This is Yoshi.

At 2001/06/11 22:18:12 Trevor wrote:
> But I think the only way to combat illegal operation
> on 2 metres is to have sats with a strong downlink signal
> on those frequencies otherwise we will loose them
> for ever to the illegal operators.

  I agree with this, but only for the "illegal" operators. As I wrote,
some asian country did not assign 2m/70cm for hams. In their country,
the commercial operators are NOT ILLEGAL.
  And even if their goverment make then illegal, some of asian countries
are at the condition on "out of control". 

  And also, Much QRMMMM bird will not be good for bigginers Hi.

  73 de Yoshi.

Yoshihiro Imaishi JF6BCC/KH2GR
GL:PM53JV, ex KC6IY(T88IY),V63BP
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