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Re: 2.6 FODTRACK Board Questions

> George,
> I'm interested in the FODTrack board and software. I have found the
> at AMSAT but not sure where to get the hardware. Was there an article in
> or some other magazine about this rotor control system?
> Any help would be appreciated.
> 73, Ron w6zq


The Fodtrack is well suited for the yaesu composite AZ/EL rotors 5X00
because of:

1 - The position feedback voltage is on the 0-5 V range.
2 - It has relays on the control box that can be directly connected to the
3 - They have an automatically operated break system.

I have Ham-IV for AZ and G-500A for EL and both lack points 1 and 2.
The G-500A has 3. The Ham-IV must have the break released before move.

So I need to provide an extra circuit for:

1 - Condition the feedback voltage to the proper range, 0-5 V.
2 - Four relay contacts for isolating the AC motor current from the DC
controlling transistors on the board.
3 - Release the Ham-IV break prior to move and engage it after a certain
delay after movement stop.

Don't know if it's your case but if yes can be of help.
I got my card from FAR circuits.

73 de Robson - PY1DGV

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