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Re: Re: Newbies! Low cost U/S stations.

Yes Yoshi, I agree, different sats for different hams.
But I think the only way to combat illegal operation
on 2 metres is to have sats with a strong downlink signal
on those frequencies otherwise we will loose them
for ever to the illegal operators.

Trevor M5AKA

--- Yoshihiro Imaishi <imaishi@aa.mbn.or.jp> wrote: > Hello
This is Yoshi.
> At 2001/06/11 16:03:23 Trevor wrote:
> > Thats fine for North America/Western Europe but I was
> > thinking more of those areas of the world that slap taxes
> > of over 100% on the importation of such goods, don't
> > have a reliable postal service and where $1000 is a lot 
> > of money.
>   In these areas, High-taxes or High-risk of shipping is same
> on
> both SHF and HF equipments. 100% import-duty will be charged
> both
> HF rigs and SHF gears. Non-reliable transfer service will
> lost
> also both.
>   $1,000 is a big money even for me :-p. But If somebody hams
> in
> these areas could not pay it for SHF gear, they might could
> not pay
> it for their HF rigs also. It is just a problem of his
> budget.
>   HF/VHF may or may not a low-cost way, and SHF is not a
> special.
> It is all depends on the person who want to QRV on sat, and
> on what
> he has now, also where he is living.
>   SHF gears are usually small. This means easy to bring, easy
> to
> install, and easy to pass the custom.
>   Please imagine to bring a big alminum-pipe (HF ANT) and
> amplifier
> into the T88 (palau) that I was there for 2 years. It was
> much hard
> things for me to certify that was not for commercial :-(.
> Alminum
> pipe and amplifier are look like the equipment for commercial
> FM
> station! The import duty was only 4% in palau, but required
> import
> license for commercial use. I Had? No.
>   But the dish or small TV converter will be passed freely
> because
> it looks like gears for personal use.
>   And there is another one things we should not forget.
> 2m/70cm
> is not only for hams in some areas. Phase-3 type Mode-A bird
> will
> be the worst one for us. Its narrow passband will be filled
> up
> with commercial QRM when it fly over ther asian areas. Mode-B
> will
> be a little bit better, but we asian hams will not hear its
> downlink
> by heavy QRM :-p.
>   Mode-A/B "Easysat" may or may not be easy-sat for everybody
> I think.
> Yoshihiro Imaishi JF6BCC/KH2GR
> GL:PM53JV, ex KC6IY(T88IY),V63BP
> mailto:jf6bcc@jarl.com
> <http://plaza16.mbn.or.jp/~palau/index-hame.html>
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