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Re: Newbies! Hard-Sats destroy AMSAT.

Hi This is Yoshi.

At 2001/06/11 16:28:16 Achim Vollhardt wrote:
> I disagree with the point, that VHF/UHF transceivers are too expensive..
> concerning my personal experience here in Germany and possibly also in
> Europe, it's more common  for a beginner to start with a vhf/uhf
> combination than with a shortwave station. 
> I think the real problem is the point of view between the US and
> Europe.. in Europe, VHF/UHF and SHF are more common than in the US..

  That is almost same in Japan. Even if our novice-class can operate
HF phone with QRP power, due to the limited condition of our lifespaces,
HF operation is not so easy. V/UHF is much popular than HF.

  And, for us Japanese and asian sat ops, Mode-A (145up/29down) or
Mode-B(435up/145down) "easy-sat"  will not be useful. Please do not
forget that the 2m/70cm band is not only for ham at Asian areas. Leagally
or illegaly, our sat-subband had occupied with prenty non-ham coms.
  If we have an Phase-3 type Mode-A sat, maybe you all of us will be
infruenced from much heavy asian QRM from 2m sat-subband. Also at the
Mode-B, we Japanese or asian hams will hear much QRM on its 2m downlink.

Yoshihiro Imaishi JF6BCC/KH2GR
GL:PM53JV, ex KC6IY(T88IY),V63BP
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