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RE: Newbies! Hard-Sats destroy AMSAT.

Hello Dennis!

10 Jun 01 14:13, you wrote to All:

 DW> If I could make a suggestion.  If AMSAT members could come up with a
 DW> low cost design of a linear transponder on  a very small PCB.  Keep
 DW> the Power Amplifier on a seperate heat sinkable PCB.
 DW> Have some of these "in stock" at the AMSAT lab and offer them to the
 DW> universities that want to launch birds.  Give them technical support
 DW> to help them with licensing and getting the linear transponder
 DW> integrated (this can be over the net or with good docs).

This could be a good idea, and a way to keep the art of linear transponders
alive and well.

 DW> Our SEDSAT project paid several thousand dollars to build a linear
 DW> transponder based upon a redesign that we had to do to the obsolete
 DW> OSCAR 7 mode A unit.
 DW> With resources thin on these projects many of them are not willing to
 DW> raise the extra money to do yet another transponder.  if one was
 DW> available I think that you would find an enthusiasm to include them in
 DW> their projects.
 DW> Just a thought.

IMHO, worth a look.

Tony, VK3JED

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