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Re: AO-40 receive equipment in VK

Hello Hamish!

11 Jun 01 16:01, you wrote to All:

 HM> A query to the VKs on the list.. what equipment are you using to
 HM> receive AO-40 on 2.4GHz?
 HM> Are ex-Galaxy MMDS antennas suitable? What's the best way to obtain
 HM> one? I didn't see any being sold online, in the local trading post
 HM> etc.

Speak to Matt, VK2DAG (think he lurks here).  As for obtaining them, look on
the rooves of friends' places, and if you see one, ask if you can do them a
favour and take it away. ;-)  I've still got my eye on one that I know is not
being used... :-)

 HM> What about downconverters? I couldn't find anything for sale in
 HM> Australia. The best bet seems to be the ones at www.markfossum.com.

The Galaxy antennas contain a downconverter that is suitable for a 70cm IF.

Tony, VK3JED

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