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Re: uo36 & tiungsat 38k4 observation

Hi Lawrence,
> I have noticed that the download effecienty of uo36 & tiungsat in the
> evenings (dusk) over europe is not very good.
Yes. Sometimes this is also the case here at my location.
I think it's caused by ionospheric anomalies due to the high sunspot activity
we are experiencing. Just today I noticed that the efficiency was down to
quite low values on both passes this morning. Yesterday it was running around
100% and downloading 2+ megabytes per pass. When the effect is present it
seems to be almost blanking out the last 3-4 minutes of each pass when the satellite
is below 10 degrees. I have a perfect horizon and normally the efficiency stays up
right until LOS. I began to notice this effect in November last year and it is still
operating. If it is the ionosphere we may have to wait until the end of this year 
before we see a return to the 100% effy that we have become accustomed to 
on these birds. Signal strengths seem to be quite normal. It's odd to see the "S"
meter riding high at 9+40dB and the efficiency down to 40% or less. I would
be interested in the observations of others too.

Regards to all,

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