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Re: S-Band Newbies

This message goes out to James N6MV.

Hello James,

Your message is very true, but couldnt you have perhaps put in a link to a design like you say(Ie. A S-Band Interdigital Filter).....

Yes, it is easy enough to do, with a bit of PCB board and some stuff you can quite easily get at the local hardwarehouse(for us aussies) and whatever the US equiv is.

Here is a straightfoward page for building a Interdigital Filter for any band above 200MHz.

http://www.wa4dsy.net/idbpfdraw.html - The drawing so you know what your ment to be building...
http://www.g3ktu.freeserve.co.uk/tproj.htm - Bit more of a look here at what one looks like...
http://www.wa4dsy.net/idbpf.txt - And finally, the C++ Source.

I have the basic source too, its at - 

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