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Pieter Ibelings wrote:

> This group has been formed to as a repository of technical information
> pertaining to the amateur radio satellites. It is by no means a replacement
> of Amsat-BB. I encourage everyone having messages of technical nature to
> send the messages to both amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org and AmsatTech@yahoogroups.com

So...those who subscribe to both lists will get two copies of
everything. It's hard for me to see this as a good thing, Pieter. 

Perhaps you should subscribe amsat-bb to your list, and then
*discourage* cross-posting. 

That way, the folks who are trying to filter out the newbies, the
political boat-rocking and the chatter (I assume that's what this move
is about) could subscribe only to your list. 

Folks who are concerned that they'll miss good tech info from your list,
but still want to stay in touch with the community on a human level too,
could stay subscribed here and get the total feed. This way people
submitting stuff to your list don't have to remeber to crosspost. 

73 de Maggie K3XS

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