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RE: Newbies! Hard-Sats destroy AMSAT.

On 10 Jun 01 00:50:48 +1000  
 Tony Langdon wrote:
>Hello Trevor!
>09 Jun 01 14:10, you wrote to All:
> T> Building simple low cost Mode A/B sats needn't and
> T> shouldn't preclude building sats for our microwave bands.
> T> We need both types.
>Maybe the unis need to be encouraged to throw some linear transponders into
>their LEO birds, since almost all of them seem to come from universities these
>Tony, VK3JED
>.. d all be better off.  :-)

If I could make a suggestion.  If AMSAT members could come up with a low cost design of a linear transponder on  a very small PCB.  Keep the Power Amplifier on a seperate heat sinkable PCB.  

Have some of these "in stock" at the AMSAT lab and offer them to the universities that want to launch birds.  Give them technical support to help them with licensing and getting the linear transponder integrated (this can be over the net or with good docs).

Our SEDSAT project paid several thousand dollars to build a linear transponder based upon a redesign that we had to do to the obsolete OSCAR 7 mode A unit.

With resources thin on these projects many of them are not willing to raise the extra money to do yet another transponder.  if one was available I think that you would find an enthusiasm to include them in their projects.

Just a thought.

Dennis Wingo

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