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RE: Prime-Star Dish - Now Sky dish too


> Check out some of my tinkering here:
> http://camel.campbell.edu/~hammond/ham/array/

Well, you got me at it too tonight!

I've had a 60cm ex-Sky Analog TV offset fed dish sitting in the shack for a
couple of months now.

2 hours later and it's now a humdinger of an antenna.

I built a G3RUH feed in about an hour out of PCB for the reflector, and the
inner of some 9913 lookalike coax. The 1/4 turn shim was some PCB which I
snipped with my trusty gardening cutters. Things started going well when,
without even trying, the feed tuned in at 1.6:1. Good enough!

Fiddled about a bit with how I was going to mount the feed. Having looked at
where the feedpoint was of the original X band unit was to give a guestimate
of where I would put mine for starters. That was an education in itself as
I've never looked inside one of those units before.

I set up a weak signal source on the kitchen table and from the other side
of the room about 15' away experimented with feed alone, and then with the
feed on the dish. The cutoff as the dish is turned away is extremely marked.
The difference in signal with the dish compared to just using the feed is
_really_ noticeable.

I'm finding this microwave stuff is, in a lot of ways, easier than the lower
frequencies: you don't even have to go outside to test it out.

73 Howard G6LVB

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