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Re: Prime-Star Dish

>Check out some of my tinkering here:
>Look for the images with "primestar" or "helix_feed" in the name.
Pictures are great!! Please keep posting them. BTW where's the duct
tape? All haywired antennas DEMAND duct tape to function :^)
>Oh, I started to play with a coffee can feed, but don't have much time or 
>effort invested at the moment to say how that one works in my hands...

Hope to try a coffee can feed (with a 1 1/4 turn helical element
replacing the 1/4 wave probe) on the 39" Primestar when the orbit and
schedule stabilize enough. Flashlight and 3am antenna tinkering drive
the wife and neighbors nuts.....
Eddie Seymour, WB4MLE
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