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Re: Apology if needed...

Bob Bruninga wrote:


> What I meant was that there are lots of people that will volunteer
> to help.  But many of them, including me, just are not qualified to be
> working on space hardware.  That is in no way an insult to them...
> You cannot have just any volunteer that shows up at the door to help
> grab an iron and start hacking away on flight hardware.  Further,
> determining their qualifications to "help" takes even more critical
> away from those that are trying to build the thing than if the
> never showed up in some cases.

Two points:
First is the assumption that critical time will necessarily be taken
away from the technically "qualified" persons. Well, this would be the
case if all of the managerial amd administrative types were disinclined
to volunteer. IOW, those people that could help assimilate the newbies
weren't there to field questions and bring them up to speed (and keep
them out of trouble, hi hi).

No one would ever suggest sending a potential volunteer into the clean
room right off (I hope). There are many tasks that are available that
require little or no technical ability. Cleaning, organizing, go-fering,

> I certainly did not mean for that to be an insult to anyone.  Just a
> realization that when a volunteer organization has needs for critical
> talent... but must rely on "volunteers" to fill those needs, it is a
> tough job to get the talent needed without wasting a lot of critical

The best investment in time is up front, putting together a
multi-faceted team with a broad range of skills both technical.
managerial and administrative. Setting up a process in which virtually
all of the effort offered by volunteers may be utilized. IMHO. These are
amateur efforts. By definition that means a lot of (I hope not "wasted")
time teaching and elmering.

> This does not mean that any of us should shy from volunteering,
> has talents to offer to fill those areas where they work best; and
> are thousands of things that need doing.  There is a place for

I agree with this 100%. One of the biggest problems is that the talent
in this group is widely dispersed geographically. Luckily, we now have
the internet to facilitate communication. The geographic problem still
exists however. The physical integration of the bird dictates a special
environment which is difficult to move to where the particular talent(s)
are located. This means that the talent must come to the integration
facility. That, in itself, limits the range of volunteers to those with
the capacity to travel.

> My comment was made in the context of the original thread where
> implied that everyone should have gone down to Florida and "helped"
> check AO40...  such "help" would have assured a lot more mistakes
> have been added than just the one that was missed..

The real pity was that the (one) person that MIGHT have discovered the
"process" flaw in the preflight checklist/procedure MAY have either:

A) Never volunteered
B) Volunteered and was given the cold shoulder because they did not
posess the "technical" qualificantions.
C) Never had reasonable access to the information required to make the

Had the design and integration process been more widely documented there
is a chance that a flag could have been raised. No one needs to travel
farther than their PC in order to review anything on any project. Please
do not interpret the previous statement as anything was deliberately
hidden. I am simply trying to make the point that we surely have many
web/database people in the group that would gladly accept the challenge
of documenting the next design in a way that would allow open discussion
before pictures of completed harware are posted... The real challenge is
how to react to the inputs in coordinated fashion that enhances progress
toward the design goals.

Strictly my personal opinions, etc.

Vince Risalvato

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