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Thoughts on a Drake 2880 improvement.

I saw on the list earlier where someone is working on an Agilent
ATF-34143 S-band preamp (I lost the post and who is pursuing this).
The board referenced is small to say the least! The device is capable
of a .5db NF and sells for less than $5 from Newark!! I wonder if the
circuit components in a Drake would support an exchange of devices to
this ATF-34143. Then add an ERA3 MMIC inserted in the filter feed
microstrip. Possibly could also replace the filter with a Murata or
Toko unit. This should, if possible to implement, put the Drake in the
top class of downconverters/preamps while holding the costs very low
in comparison to the alternatives. 

Eddie Seymour, WB4MLE
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