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Re: Our Digital Future

Hello Gunther!

09 Jun 01 21:29, you wrote to All:

 GM> I realize that the station keeping for a geostationary is a bit of a
 GM> challenge, but with the right birds, I think we would be up to the
 GM> challenge.

Hmm, do we really need to station keep?  How far does a satellite drift from
the geostationary position over time?  Station keeping would add cost and
intruduce thrusters that would have to be on call for years - another added
piece of complexity.

 GM> Especially as far as the younger generation is concerned, if it isn't
 GM> digital, it is the STONE AGE. We need to move with vigor into this
 GM> technology or the Ham, as a hobbyist, is in long term trouble. (We may
 GM> already be! )

Agreed, we _must_ go digital in the future.  Has anyone considered that the
technology currently being used to link repeaters via the Internet has the
potential to work _more efficiently_ in an amateur network designed for
multimedia content?  We have an opportunity to develop one-many technologies
(which are the life blood of ham radio and always have been!) in the digital
world that is much harder to duplicate on the Internet or in the digital phone
world, where everything is geared towards one-one connections.

 GM> The engineering for digital voice & video hardware is everywhere.
 GM> Thus, the likelihood that the Icoms & Yaesus of the world would jump
 GM> on such a concept and view it as their future with Hams, is very good.
 GM> They have to be wondering where we are going and how long there will
 GM> still be an analogue market.

Agreed, if we can make it take off, it will be easier for the big manufacturers
to meet market demands.

 GM> Packet digital information transmission is very nice and serves many
 GM> constituents, but there is something wonderful about just chatting
 GM> with an old fellow ham friend, or just making new friends around the
 GM> world with voice to video communications. What a difference and how
 GM> much more personal than the hunt and peck of an Internet chat room.

I agree.  Digital voice is one thing I would love to see on the bands...

Tony, VK3JED

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