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Re: Dont want to work at it?

Hi Bob:

.----------- Much clipped---------------
> Ham radio is sort of my engineering fix (MS about to be a PhD)but I fly
>airplanes for a living so its mainly a fun thing.

Gee, I thought the discussion was on why Newbies can not work the
and why it would "destroy AMSAT", NOT on your "MS" and ".. soon to be a
PhD", or your flight qualifications.  Congratulations, but it has no bearing
on the

The bottom line is, AO-40 is NOT a "Hard Satellite", and there are a lot of
who did not listen to all the whiners, and have assembled very good mode U/S
stations for less than $500.

I also cut my teeth on Oscar 6 and 7, many years ago, and later on Oscar 10.
that time mode "B" was considered by many people to be almost unreachable,
too expensive.  I used an IC-202 with a homebrew 70 cm transverter and
homebrew PA and antennas.  I remember more than one old-timer telling me
that it
would never work.  Hell, that only made my desire that much stronger.  If it
not been a challenge, I would have found something else.

Yes, I have replaced the front end in three Drake 2880s.  One of them has
modified with an LO output so that is is now part of a 2304 MHz..
transverter.  I
have homebrewed three 10 GHz. ttransverters with 2.5 to 5 Watts output.  One
them is a tower-mounted 10 GHz. transverter with full remote monitoring and

I have built two other 10 GHz. transverters, LNAs, and PAs inside of a pair
IC-271As for portable 10 GHz. operation.  The IC-271's are fully
and put out 2.5 Watts each.

I am almost finished with a dual-band, tower-mounted transverter with 2.5
out on 10,368 and 4 Watts out on 5760.  When this is finished, I have
collected the components and equipment for a 10 GHz. EME system with a 7'
and 35 Watts on 10,368.

My primary interest in satellites today, and in the future, is mainly in
additional opportunities to utilize homebrewed microwave equipment, and to
make additional microwave contacts, especially DX microwave QSOs.

I also agree with you on at least two items, Bob:  We need LOTS of
satellites, and
I will also be "....on VHF/microwaves till they toss dirt on me".



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