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Apology if needed...

Someone wrote:
> > How many of those who are so quick to criticize are willing
> > to volunteer to do some practical work on the next satellite ?

And I responded...
> Or are capable?...

Someone took this as an egocentric slam at others.  That was not my
meaning.  I did not mean at all to demean others abilities...

What I meant was that there are lots of people that will volunteer
to help.  But many of them, including me, just are not qualified to be
working on space hardware.  That is in no way an insult to them...

You cannot have just any volunteer that shows up at the door to help just
grab an iron and start hacking away on flight hardware.  Further,
determining their qualifications to "help" takes even more critical time
away from those that are trying to build the thing than if the volunteer
never showed up in some cases.

I certainly did not mean for that to be an insult to anyone.  Just a
realization that when a volunteer organization has needs for critical
talent... but must rely on "volunteers" to fill those needs, it is a very
tough job to get the talent needed without wasting a lot of critical time.

This does not mean that any of us should shy from volunteering, everyone
has talents to offer to fill those areas where they work best; and there
are thousands of things that need doing.  There is a place for everyone.

My comment was made in the context of the original thread where someone
implied that everyone should have gone down to Florida and "helped" flight
check AO40...  such "help" would have assured a lot more mistakes would
have been added than just the one that was missed..


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