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RE: Trakbox Questions and a problem


I use the TB with a FT-847 with no problems.

1.  I know the 3.50B firmware works fine.  No information on the 3.50D
firmware.  Probably just a minor bug fix.  I will try it when I have time to
blow an EPROM.

2.  Check the docs for the RS-232 Yaesu output and use it.  (There is a
Yaesu TTL level output as well.)  You can get the docs off the TAPR site if
you did not get them with the unit.  Note that the FT-847 uses a null modem
connection.  You can either wire up the TB output normally and use a null
modem adapter, or just swap the pins in the DB-9 connector to the rig.  I
use programs which provide frequency control through a serial port, so I did
the first, and use an AB switch with a null modem adapter.

3.  Nova for DOS supported the TrakBox.  According to W9IP, Nova for Windows
does/did not support it.  That may have changed.  (Mike, please jump in
here!)  In any case, you will probably want to use the TB for tracking the
antenna only.  The frequency control is really optimized for the digital

4.  No idea why the data will not upload.  I have used the TBU utility with
no problem.  Note that it does not set the clock all that accurately.  Have
you tried uploading the keps and frequency file "manually?"  Whatever
program you are using to talk to the TB (Hyperterm?) has the ability to
upload an ASCII file.  Go to the TB upload section, and first upload the
keps.  You should get, after they are uploaded, a message asking for the
frequency file.  If not, there is something "wrong" with your kep file.
"Wrong" may mean some obscure format problem.  If so, then upload the
FREQ.DAT file.  You should get a message that it is updated.  I don't use
Hyperterm, but I recall the ASCII upload is Transfer|Send Text or something

Good luck,


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