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Re: Newbies! Hard-Sats build better amateurs.

It doesn't sound like AMSAT needs to spend money on mode A or B satellites
if sufficient information is published on inexpensive ground stations for
mode U/S and L/S.

I have an IC-821H, a modified DEM converter and LNA, and a 3 foot dish with
Yaesu rotator that will work fine for AO-40 so I've never looked into
low-cost gear. The need for older modes seems to be related to lowering the
cost of the ground station and the IC-821 and the newer all-mode
transceivers seem to be the major cost. I received half a dozen replies
outlining complete AO-40 ground stations that can be assembled for $450 and
up with used gear or Radio Shack 10-meter transceivers.



At 11:53 PM 6/8/01 +0100, Trevor <m5aka@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
>Having only hard to use satellites means:
>- only the dedicated few use them
>- there are very few people to actually work on the sats
>- AMSAT membership plunges
>- there is no money to build new satellites
>- AMSAT ceases to exist
>User friendly satellites (Mode A/B linear transponders) means:
>- lots of hams become interested in satellites
>- they LEARN by getting on the sats and improving their skills
>- there are lots of hams to work even on the microwave sats
>   as the newcomers work their way up
>- AMSAT membership rises
>- theres lots more money available to fund new sats
>- AMSAT has a bright future

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