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An Equitorial Orbit is easiest to track!

I have noted that on my tracking software that with AO-40 more than 30,000
km above the equator, it can be seen from well north of the Artic Circle to
well south of the Antartic Circle.

Geostationary transfer orbits are the easiest high orbit to get launched

Equitorial orbits are the simplest to track.

Why not aim for a circular equitorial orbit at 35,000 km or so?

Eclipses would be rare.

The sattelite would be almost geostationary (easy to track) but would move
slowly from west to east enabling almost everone to work almost everone else
at some time without complex rotator-elevator units and their controls.
Uplink power (EIRP) requirements would be almost constant as well.

Just my 2cents worth,
Murray Peterson

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