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Trakbox Questions and a problem

I picked up a used Trakbox a little while ago and have a few questions, and
one problem:


1.  The latest version of the firmware on the TAPR FTP server is 3.50b (this
is the version in the box), the latest version on the JAMSAT FTP server is
3.50d, what are the differences and is it worth upgrading?

2.  I want two control my FT-847 with the Trakbox, it is supported by
firmware, unfortunately I can not find any documentation for the interface
or any known problems.  Does anyone have any suggestions  or notes they
would like to share?

3.  I have Nova which will control the Trakbox, do I lose the Trakbox's
ability to adjust the radio for doppler if I use Nova?


I can not get the Trakbox to recognize the keps that I'm uploading.  I have
tried both the AMSAT and NASA formatted elements with no success.  I can
upload my station data with no problem and if I manually update the keps the
box tracks fine.  During the upload the Trakbox echoes each line back to the
screen but when I'm done no satellites are in the database.  The names of
the satellites in the frequency file are the same as the names in the keps
file.  I have tried both versions of the TBU utility available.  The
previous owners says he never had a problem with uploading the keps.  Any
thoughts or ideas?

Bernie, K3BAZ

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