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Re: Accuracy of tracking programs

John Wright wrote:
> At 17:08 07/06/01 -0700, you wrote:
> >John-
> >
> >You didn't mention whether your problem manifested itself with the ISS as
> >well as the LEOs.  If it does, try comparing each against a visual sighting.
> >
Hi John

I wonder if your location is the same in both program setups, the clocks
are the same? etc etc FWIW I use a 'common' set of keps by pointing Nova
and ZL2AMD's Unitrac to the nova kep file (easy to keep fresh via FTP
download), keep the clock accurate via 'atom clock' and used a GPS to
find my location. with this setup I can track the MB of AO40 unattended
for many hours at a time, the biggest problem is getting accurate
numbers for your downconverter L.O. and the satelite L.O. (in fact even
the FT-847 moves about 1 khz in the first 20minutes). I have got into
the habit of leaving everything switched on. This allows me to use the
DSP on the FT-847 to narrow down the bandwidth to the bare minimum for
decoding the beacon data (with AO-40RCV).

Dave ZL2MQ
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