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Re: Newbies! Hard-Sats destroy AMSAT.

Hi Ed:

I agree with you, Maggie, and the others who are fed up with all of the
whiners.  There have been many good examples of how to assemble a low cost
AO-40 station.  However, I doubt that the whiners would be satisfied unless
someone gave them the equipment for free, set it up for them, and taught
them how to operate it.  It sounds like they want everything NOW, do not
want to have to pay for it, and do not think they should have to work for it
or learn how to do something they have never done before.  The just want it
handed to them on a silver platter.

Fortunately, the whiners are a very small minority in AMSAT, otherwise,
there would be NO AMSAT and NO satellites.

If there were no challenges to working an AO-40 type of satellite, nothing
new to learn, nothing challenging as far as equipment to setup, then I fell
that the majority of us would find something else to do with our time.

There is nothing "elite" about satellites and microwave weak signal
operation, it just take a willingness to learn new techniques and ideas, and
the desire to work to reach the goals required.

People who are not willing to make the commitment to learn new techniques
and ideas, and do not possess the determination to work hard to reach the
goals required,
belong on the local 2 meter repeater with their "Shack-On-a-Belt" HT.



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