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Re: Connectors

David O'brian wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been using RG213 and recently I acquired
> a roll of Belden 9913.  I found the center conductor
> does not quite fit into the N-connector contact
> (the same type I used for my RG-213).
> I am not quite keen to cut some of the center conductor
> i.e. remove a couple of wire strand but is that the way
> to go or should I be doing something else.
> I would be most grateful if someone could advise
> me on this.

Lots of great input on this Dave , here's my slant .

I use the connector that is made for 9913 , and get it from

they are nice folks and have reasonable prices for great quality
connectors .

You can either specify Amphenol/Kings only or you will get a less
expensive "generic" connector , depending on what your spec's are I have
found their "generic" connector usually just fine for amateur use .....

I also at first filed the center conductor to make it fit on the N
connectors that I had at the time , but found this too mickey for me ;^}

Much easier to just slip the correct connector on it and be done with it

good luck :)

Douglas Cole   N7BFS
AMSAT#26182 , K2 # 544
Registered Linux user # 188922
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