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Re: Connectors

David O'brian wrote:

> I have been using RG213 and recently I acquired
> a roll of Belden 9913.  I found the center conductor
> does not quite fit into the N-connector contact
> (the same type I used for my RG-213).
> I am not quite keen to cut some of the center conductor
> i.e. remove a couple of wire strand but is that the way
> to go or should I be doing something else.

Various people have suggested how they trim down the center conductor and
several others pointed out where to get the correct connector, but no one
has mentioned what I do, so here it is.
I take a "standard" N connector and using my drill press, drill out the hole
in the center pin so that the 9913 fits.  No, I don't remember what the
proper drill size is, so I just grab my sizes 1- 60 drill set and find the
largest drill that will fit into the stock hole and then drill out the hole
with a little larger drill.  If I remember correctly, the correct drill is 2
sizes larger than the largest one that fits in the stock hole.  This
procedure takes less time than it took me to type this up (and I type at 70
WPM), and I don't have to stock two sizes of N connectors.

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