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Re: Newbies! Hard-Sats build better amateurs.

Ham radio is about progress.  If this weren't so we'd still be using sparks 
to send messages.  The big cutting edge satellites move amateur radio 
forward.  In a volunteer organization like Amsat, the more knowledgeable 
you are the more valuable you are, to the organization and also to fellow 

The combined knowledge base of the amateurs on Amsat-BB has never failed to 
impress me, and I'm glad I can be a part of it, to learn and to progress.

At 11:53 PM 6/8/01 +0100, Trevor <m5aka@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
>Having only hard to use satellites means:
>- only the dedicated few use them
>- there are very few people to actually work on the sats
>- AMSAT membership plunges
>- there is no money to build new satellites
>- AMSAT ceases to exist
>User friendly satellites (Mode A/B linear transponders) means:
>- lots of hams become interested in satellites
>- they LEARN by getting on the sats and improving their skills
>- there are lots of hams to work even on the microwave sats
>   as the newcomers work their way up
>- AMSAT membership rises
>- theres lots more money available to fund new sats
>- AMSAT has a bright future
>I actually regard UO-14 and the other FM sats as hard to use
>since they only have a single channel. Over populated
>areas you need a high power station in order to grab
>the channel.
>Trevor M5AKA
>--- "Jens H. Jensen" <topcat@mail1.stofanet.dk> wrote: > At
>23:14 07-06-2001, you wrote:
> >
> > >ISS, UO-14, Lots of whining.
> >
> > Easy to use, therefore crowded, whining as a result, since
> > "easy" can, by
> > definition, never get easy ENOUGH!. What these people really
> > want is a
> > chatroom with supportstaff :-((
> >
> > Easy sats also encourage new hams with less experience and
> > commitment than
> > really required.
> > Same as other "easy" stuff in the rest of society, come to
> > think of it....
> >
> > >AO-40, Hardly no whining.
> >
> > Hardly has the userbase of the two others, and requires an
> > effort to get
> > on. Once you've made that effort, you are not likely to be
> > the easy-whining
> > type.
> >
> > Different type sats, different type mentality.
> >
> > Good reasoning, Vince!
> >
> > 73 de OZ1LRG
> >
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