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Re: Connectors

>From: "David O'brian" <david_obrian@usa.net>
>I have been using RG213 and recently I acquired
>a roll of Belden 9913.  I found the center conductor
>does not quite fit into the N-connector contact 
>(the same type I used for my RG-213).  
>I am not quite keen to cut some of the center conductor
>i.e. remove a couple of wire strand but is that the way
>to go or should I be doing something else.
>I would be most grateful if someone could advise
>me on this.


I think many of us have been there when we encountered 9913 for the first
time.  I did exactly what you did and it'll work OK.  If you want to get
the correct connectors here's what I would recommend:
Go to http://www.rfparts.com

They sell an N-male connector part no. RFN-1002-1Si that is made
specifically for 9913 [and Times LMR-400].  They are very high quality and
assemble easily {in my opinion}.  BTW I prefer using LMR-400, which has the
same low-loss specs and cost $0.59/foot [you can get it from most large ham
dealers or RF Parts].  The advantage is that it is closed cellular foam
insulation which makes the cable less susceptible to moisture contamination
and bending distortion swr.  It also uses a combination of shield wire and
foil so it has excellent shielding characteristics.

With your 9913, be careful not to bend it too tight, and be meticulous in
waterproofing!  I used a 70-foot piece for 15 years before it finally went


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