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Re: AMSAT-BB-digest V2001 #387

Take a look at eBay if you think the root of the problem is $1500
transceivers.  There has been tons of gear that is perfectly suited for
satellite work, going for considerably less.  The point is, if you want
onto the satellites bad enough, there are ways to do it for much less. 

I recently saw an Icom IC-970H go for less than $1100 on eBay.   This is
the same radio I've used for 10 years on the birds. 
It's still a fantastic radio for that use.  Recently I saw an FT-736R go
for $600 and an IC-820 for $560 and a Kenwood TS-790A going for $800 - it
included 2m, 70cm AND 23cm.  If you want to spend less, there are always
older models that are still very usable for the birds.  

Right now, there is an Icom IC-471 70cm all mode rig going for $270 on

They may not be as pretty as the latest razzle dazzle transceiver - but
they all get you there. 

But for many people it's a hell of a lot easier to whine about the
obstacles and inequalities in life. 

Let's see now - what if I said I couldn't drive a car because I can't
afford an $80,000 Porsche?

This is not directed at anyone personally, I just get a little cranky when
folks throw the old "it's too expensive" arguement at me. 
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to vent.  :-) 

Tim J. Bosma
Santa Rosa, California

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