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Re: Re: Arcjet Motor

I again and again read:

"The problem with all of the Phase III birds is with the 
associated systems feeding or controlling the motor."

This is not completely true and a legend.

The propulsion system of P3C (AO-13) worked 100% OK and reliable.

After the launch of ARIANE 401, we were injected into an orbit
with 222 km perigee, apogee at 36000 km and 10 deg inclination. 

The first motor burn was done in Orbit #16 with a duration of 51.2
seconds in order to raise the low perigee and give a little bit of

The perigee was raised to 1100 km and the inclination was 14 deg. 

The second and final motor burned was planned to raise inclination to 57
deg and perigee to above 2500 km. 

The 6 minute burn was done in orbit #47 and the apogee was raised to
2553 km and 57 deg inclination. 

Thus, the 400N Motor from MBB (now Astrium) performed extraordinary
successful and with perfect performance, but also all *our* feeding
and control system.  All fuel up to the last drop was consumed. 

73s Peter DB2OS

* Any crash landing you can walk away from is a good landing *

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