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Re: Shit Happens and I need your help

Larry Kayser wrote:
> Greetings All:
> The discussion about the problems with the AO-40 propulsion system were not
> helped when Peter Guelzow opinioned that there was an individual fault that
> caused the AO-40 propulsion problem.  It is a shame that Peter walked out on
> the high dive platform and did a belly flop into a concrete pool without
> water in it.  I am sure he regrets that message very much.

I have nothing to regret.

I have never said that there was an individual fault (I guess you
try to say I meant an individual person..  which is *not* the case!)

I wrote:

|   *None* of the failures were due to a bad design or a failure of the 
|   400N propulsion system or the engine itself.
|   Both failures on AO-10 and AO-40 were clearly due to human errors.

|   The problem which caused the 400N motor to fail is now almost fully 
|   understood and the lesson has been learned. Unfortunately the hard way. 
|   Finger pointing won't help or reverse the mistake.  But in future
|   such thing should not happen again...

Clearly, I haven't said that it was due to a single human error 
(aka single person)..  THIS WOULD BE TOO EASY !!!!!

If I have to regret something, than probably to subscribe to
this board...   No - I'm kidding.   - thanks for your comments.

73s Peter DB2OS

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