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RE: Shit Happens and I need your help

RE: Your subject line "Shit Happens and I need your help"

During my nearly 30 years plus of military service, I've heard this
expression used time and time again, but there has always been a reason or
circumstances that prompted someone to say it.  There also is a time and a
place to say it, but I feel that this is not the time, nor the place to
vulgarly express your feelings. I feel that your subject line is totally
unprecedented and uncalled for, and your choice of words are not appropriate
for the International community that reads this forum.

Also, I feel that your remark that Peter Guelzow "walked out on the high
dive platform and did a belly flop into a concrete pool without water in
it.", as you clearly put it, is absolutely wrong.  I feel that Peter is just
as frustrated as you and many others are, and is simply stating the facts as
he knows them.  Finger pointing at this time is totally uncalled for.  The
AMSAT community knows what happened, and knows what procedures must be put
in place to prevent this from happening again.  Let's get off this stupid
witch hunt and move on.

As for your "AMSAT has a SECRET" series.  A lot of organizations have
secrets, so who really cares about the gossip within AMSAT as long as it is
not hurting you, or your family, or, unless they are performing a grave
injustice to the AMSAT community by committing fraud, waste or abuse of
funds, positions or authority.   Let me ask you this:  Were you a 5 or 6
digit contributor that is worried about the internal management and that you
will not re-coup any benefits from your investment?  Or, are you the type of
individual who thrives on gossip and enjoys writing Expos on organization
and their failures?  If you want to do witch hunts on AMSAT and other
private organization, why don't you spare us the misery and send them to the
National Enquirer or Globe magazine instead.  BUT, if you want to use your
literary skills wisely, then write some really great articles about

>From the jest of your message, it sounds like many other readers are doing
what I did when I see the Subject line: Part 2 "AMSAT has another SECRET".
Just simply hit the delete key and moved on.  As for your next series of
"AMSAT has a SECRET", which will discuss "How to get a job with AMSAT", I
will simply do the same, delete it and move on.  I personally know many of
the AMSAT volunteers and praise them ALL for a job well done.  I also
personally support all of the BOD of ALL the AMSATs worldwide, and in
particular, all of those many people who were involved in the design,
building, launching and Command and Control of AO-40.  I don't care who left
the cap or plug on the valve.  Let's stop whining and crying over "spilt
milk" and move on to figure out how to use what we have (AO-40), and make
plans for the next generation of satellites.

Bob McElligott
Osan Airbase/Songtan, Korea

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Greetings All:

The discussion about the problems with the AO-40 propulsion system were not
helped when Peter Guelzow opinioned that there was an individual fault that
caused the AO-40 propulsion problem.  It is a shame that Peter walked out on
the high dive platform and did a belly flop into a concrete pool without
water in it.  I am sure he regrets that message very much.

The simple fact is that SHIT HAPPENS!  There is no individual at fault,
there might be a fault with the Process that failed to catch the potential
fault, there might be a fault with the project just being so complex that
the processes used were not adequate - regardless we can all take comfort
that everyone bust there butts to make AO-40 a good satellite.  We need to
examine NOT the PEOPLE, we need to examine the overall structure and
organization that created AO-40.  This is were there is room for

I am writing a series of "AMSAT has a SECRET" letters, the first one
prompted excellent discussion.  The second one released two and a bit days
ago has received virtually no responses at all.  The discussion requested in
that memo has not occurred - the big question is why has it not occurred.
Did almost everyone decide not to participate?  What went wrong?

The AMSAT Presidents latest presidents letter announces that I am going to
digest and try and organize the discussion material from the "AMSAT has a
SECRET" series of memos.  This is your chance to make a serious contribution
to AMSAT, get into it and lets see if we can get a sense of what and where
you the members and users want this organization to go.

I need your help.  Anyone who missed Part 2 "AMSAT has another SECRET" can
ask me for a copy if you can not find it in the AMSAT-BB archive.


PS, the next AMSAT has a SECRET letter discusses how to get a job in
AMSAT.....coming soon

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