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Re: Connectors

At 12:35 AM 6/9/2001 -0600, David O'brian wrote:
>I have been using RG213 and recently I acquired
>a roll of Belden 9913.  I found the center conductor
>does not quite fit into the N-connector contact
>(the same type I used for my RG-213).
>I am not quite keen to cut some of the center conductor
>i.e. remove a couple of wire strand but is that the way
>to go or should I be doing something else.

If it's regular 9913, the center conductor is solid, not stranded. There is 
a special N-connector you can get that fits the center conductor of 9913.

There are 9913-equivalent cables that have stranded center conductors. They 
are slightly too large to fit the center pin of even the 9913-specific N 
connector. What I do in that case is tin the center conductor with solder 
to make it effectively solid, then file it down a little bit with a flat 
file. That sounds more difficult than it is. The solder and the strands are 
both quite soft, and it takes only a few strokes of the file to reduce the 
diameter sufficiently.

I find it works best if you strip the center conductor extra-long, then tin 
it, then file it, and then finally cut it to length with a sharp hacksaw 
(to make a square end and avoid squeezing the conductor into the wrong 
cross-sectional shape).

73  -Paul

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