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Re: Newbies! Hard-Sats destroy AMSAT.

>From: "John Stephensen, KD6OZH" <kd6ozh@gte.net>
>Yes, but getting on AO-40 is like buying an Altair computer. You bought the
>$700 kit but then you had to buy the extra memory to run BASIC, the "TV
>Typewriter" to use it and the floppy disk to store your programs.
>The COTS solution for AO-40 is a $400 S-band antenna plus converter package,
>a $100 VHF antenna, a $1500 transceiver, a (perhaps optional) $600 rotator
>and $200 of cables in addition to a PC.

Maybe if you are totally a new ham with absolutely no equipment and
completely clueless.  {if you are one of these you are going to buy a 2m HT
and have someone show you how to turn it on and change the channels}

BTW I was once brand a new ham, and only 13 years old...I learned.  I built
my first radio!  I couldn't afford ready-built.  Saved my allowance all
summer [1957*] and paid $26.95 for a Knight "Ocean Hopper" 3-tube regen
receiver.  My Dad bought me a $7 solder gun for my birthday so I could make
it.  It didn't work.  A freind helped me re-solder the "cold" solder joint
{see nobody showed me how to solder; I had to learn it on my own}.  I had a
blast with it for three years.  I'm still learning {now I'm building a 150w
10 GHz eme station...with help}

Many hams have some of the necessary parts, thus only need to add the rest.
 No one says you must buy brand new equipment.  Being a ham means putting
together your station.  You buy or build the various "blocks" and put them
together.  I've never heard of a complete station with everything included.
 This is part of the fun, individuality, and creativeness of the
hobby...YOU put it together.  If you need help...ask!  Can't afford "NEW"
then buy "USED".  Sheesh, already.

My AO-40 station:  bought three Drake's for $100, bought 18 inch dish for
$10, had coax lying around $00, upgraded to 4-foot dish "Free" from gas
company, bought G-5400 used for $350.  About $20 for the helix
materials...total=$480.  I already had the 432 antenna. 

Yeh, I have a FT-847 and a FT-817 and bunch of other stuff, but in 1996 all
I had was a 1970's era IC-215 2m portable rig [I converted it to a 2m Rx
conv using the 10.7 MHz IF output].  Bought a Tentec Scout, a FRG-100, and
a DEM 432/28 xvtr to get on AO-10, had an old 2m yagi and built a 432
helix.  Traded the scout for a used FT-840.  Traded the FT-840, FRG-100,
and DEM xvtr for the FT-847,...etc.  And I'm not denying that I now have
>$15K in ham gear, but I didn't start there.

*PS:  In Oct 1957 I heard Sputnik with that little radio.

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