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"Who Did It?" Thread (Was: Arcjet Motor)

I think I am the person responsible for starting the long thread that ended
up discussing who was responsible for leaving the vent cap on the ill-fated
valve. With that said, I'd like to bring some closure to it, and "tie it up
and put a bow on it", as we say down South. (Southern US, that is)

First, when I saw Peter's post referencing a "human error", I honestly
thought that was new information. Turns out, it most definitely WAS NOT.
Someone posted the link to Robin VE3FRH's March 18th Findings message, and I
went back and read it. Sure enough, it was right there. I had not read it
carefully enough. Thanks, Robin for pointing that out to me.

Next, there have been some really thought-provoking dialogue on this subject
line. Don Woodward gave us an iron-clad approach to dealing with the
aftermath of a failure like the vent cap. Les Scofield pointed out that no
one person could be found at fault here; a systemic problem existed in the
methods used to check out the satellite.

The vent cap problem was created by folks we all support and respect. It
just happened. The best thing that can come out of this is a focus on
quality control to prevent something similar from  happening again. Or at
least <try> to do that. QC should become one of our core values of our

Finally, even though my original message seemed to suggest it, I'm not
interested in hearing "officially" who was responsible for pulling off all
of the "Remove Before Flight" items, assuming the vent cap was, or should
have been, designated that way. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. Peter
caught me off guard. Not his fault.

Finally, I do believe there is a person who reads this email reflector that
may <think> he or she was responsible for the vent cap alone. To him or her
I say "Forgiven, forgotten...lets move on."

The same should be said for this thread.

Steve Diggs, W4EPI

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