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Shit Happens and I need your help

Greetings All:

The discussion about the problems with the AO-40 propulsion system were not
helped when Peter Guelzow opinioned that there was an individual fault that
caused the AO-40 propulsion problem.  It is a shame that Peter walked out on
the high dive platform and did a belly flop into a concrete pool without
water in it.  I am sure he regrets that message very much.

The simple fact is that SHIT HAPPENS!  There is no individual at fault,
there might be a fault with the Process that failed to catch the potential
fault, there might be a fault with the project just being so complex that
the processes used were not adequate - regardless we can all take comfort
that everyone bust there butts to make AO-40 a good satellite.  We need to
examine NOT the PEOPLE, we need to examine the overall structure and
organization that created AO-40.  This is were there is room for

I am writing a series of "AMSAT has a SECRET" letters, the first one
prompted excellent discussion.  The second one released two and a bit days
ago has received virtually no responses at all.  The discussion requested in
that memo has not occurred - the big question is why has it not occurred.
Did almost everyone decide not to participate?  What went wrong?

The AMSAT Presidents latest presidents letter announces that I am going to
digest and try and organize the discussion material from the "AMSAT has a
SECRET" series of memos.  This is your chance to make a serious contribution
to AMSAT, get into it and lets see if we can get a sense of what and where
you the members and users want this organization to go.

I need your help.  Anyone who missed Part 2 "AMSAT has another SECRET" can
ask me for a copy if you can not find it in the AMSAT-BB archive.


PS, the next AMSAT has a SECRET letter discusses how to get a job in
AMSAT.....coming soon

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