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Re: What Really went wrong

All of this reminds me of the failures I have seen in parachute and escape
system testing. Once upon a time when we were testing the Galielo parachute
system, to be dropped from a A-4 in a cyliderical test vehicle. A very
detailed procedure was developed, reviewed and signed off up and down the
chain of command. On the very first drop a total system failure occured, no
parachute at all. The cause: The procedures. The procedures instructed the
techs to turn the master arm switch to arm, go through all the system
checks, then switch the master arm switch to off prior to loading the pyros.
All was ok, except the procedures never instructed the techs to turn back to
arm. We all make mistakes, the best is to learn from them and move on. AO-40
is shaping up to be a fantastic bird. My downconverter is on order and can
wait to give it a try.

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