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Re: Newbies! Hard-Sats destroy AMSAT.

Hello Pieter!

08 Jun 01 19:23, you wrote to All:

 PI> This whining is driving me up the walls. I don't undestant how someone
 PI> can say that a satellite on a mode like S/U is hard to work. It is a
 PI> lot easier to deal with the antennas on mode S than the long yagis and
 PI> the receive converter is all that is needed to downconvert to 2
 PI> meters. Noone ever said
 PI> that Ham radio was a cheap hobby. If you can't afford a $35 converter
 PI> maybe you should find another hobby like bird watching. But then again
 PI> you will need to buy a $100 pair of binoculars.

I think the point was that there needs to be a variety of sats.  For me, I'm
glad that U/S and L/S work on AO-40, as the V band is too problematic due to
antenna size.

However, for LEOs, there is a class of user that has gear for HF and possibly 2
metres that may want to get into satellites but not (yet) commit.

Once those people are on the LEOs, then it's up to us to get them hooked enough
to build some gear for S band and try AO-40 :)

People need to be able to experience a mode of operation for themselves, and
most terrestrial hams don't have 2.4 gig to point up in the sky and fire up.
Nothing brought that home mroe than the IRLP project.  I was lukewarm to that
concept until I went and used an established system. Now, I'm building the
first node for Melbourne, which is sitting beside me.

Same for sats, people need to experience it, and Mode A LEOs are one way to do
that.  Other tactic is to drag your U/S gear around and do the travelling
circus thing :)

Tony, VK3JED

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