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What Really went wrong

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>Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Re: Arcjet Motor (or tell me which person is  
>Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2001 19:58:16 -0400
>The fault does not lie with one individual who may have made a mistake and
>forgot to check the removal of one preflight safety cap.
>The fault lies with the Team management who established the flight ready
>safety inspection procedures.  There should have been at least a 3 member
>team of inspectors who would have had to inspect every single safety
>removal item prior to flight ... who would have had to sign their name to a
>piece of paper for every single item, stating that they had inspected the
>item, that the item had been removed and the item was flight ready. Three
>people having to eyeball and sign off would have prevented this accident.
>Hopefully we will use such procedures on future satellites.
Thank you...absolutly well said.  Unless the person who made the mistake was 
incompetent (and please make sure anyone quoting the before also quotes the 
latter) and I DONT THINK THAT WAS TRUE then the reality is that the 
"procedure" underwhich that person was working under wasnt a good one.

In the end what the "thing" says about the situation is that we are building 
to complex satellites for the procedure thats in place.

You hit it right on the button. Well done.

Robert  WB5MZO
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