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Re: Parts costs (was: AMSAT has a SECRET...)

Nicolaus Sallay <n.sallay@internext.com.br> wrote:
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>Hello Laura,
>Sorry for the late reply.
>I may split the situation in two parts;
>-first, buying a Drake or other "surplus"converters, the
>cheapest situation at no doubt but I have no availability
>of tools to adjust the setup, plus the risk factor if some
>gets wrong, there you go again waiting pore some parts.
>Naturally I would prefer this one if I could handle the
>situation at no risk.

No risk? Sorry, but that is not the nature of this game.
There is always risk.

>- at DEM web side I found some kind of "2400 Special"
>for US$ 400,-,including downconverter, mounting brackets
>and helical antenna in a package, all assembled and tuned
>and tested,ready for 144 IF.
>The point is that the exchange rate is 2.40 Reais to one
>US$  + import taxes 50% ,shipping and handling US$50,00?
>or more,etc.,the end is almost US$700,00, US$100,00 less
>than my first estimate. Unfortunately, that is the point.

I suspected hefty import taxes were part of the problem.
The solution is two-fold:

Through your local ham radio organization, lobby the
government to lower import taxes.

Build up a local capability to build and test things.
You *can* build things, and you *can* test things.
AMSAT can assist you, but you must be prepared to help

>Thank you for asking

...and thank you for the answers. You have options. Please
exercise them, rather than fixating on the most expensive
option and then complaining about the cost.

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