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Re: R: Re: Arcjet Motor

At 21:32 08-06-2001, you wrote:
>Normally, I would agree with you BUT I'm beginning to think.....Maybe, JUST
>MAYBE, that is why we have the government that we have...IS BECAUSE,  YOU
>and I _didn't_ hold these people up to be viewed _nor_ hold them accountable
>and they went on to do it again.....""Hey, they don't care so I'll do as I
>please""""  WHO KNOWS ???  Makes one stop and think....or has the "herd
>mentality" taken over completely?

One comment here, Mike:

Imagine someone makes a mistake, their first, and gets replaced.
It may then be that the person replacing him is actually less competent 
than the guy who made the mistake in the first place, and therefore the 
replacement provokes more errors in the future, rather than fewer.

Questions could be:

1. Is this person normally performing well on par with the average, or 
betterthan this?
2. Is there anyone available who can be assumed to be better?

If "1" is YES and "2" is NO then keep him!
If both "1" and "2" is YES, consider your choices, or expand the team.
If "1" is NO and "2" is YES, replace him.
If both "1" and "2" is NO, well.... then you'r scr**** !

In my experience, Mike, the herd-mentality is just the opposite of what you 
say, namely a tendency to want to "see heads roll", just think of politics!

This just doesn't allways improve things....
I wonder what the answer is in this case?

73 de OZ1LRG

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