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RE: R: Re: Arcjet Motor

>I don't know about you but I put my money where my mouth is and invested
>in this project. I've travelled from the other side of the world and met
>the team. I am proud to say I know most of them personally.
>In this amateur service and this activity, with such vast physical distances
>between us, we need that trust. We have people close to the inner team who
>we also trust and who watch for us.
>If AO-40 fails again, I'll be amongst the first to put hand in pocket and
>say to the same team; "Play it again Sam."  I'm not sure they would want
>the task or the personal hassling.

Great, Terry!!

Let the naysayers and the dingdongs so quick to criticize go peddle their
nonsense somewhere else!

I'm not talking about the intelligent and well meaning criticism by some
of the experts we have on here.  I don't profess to be one of them, I'm
just scratching to keep up with most of you (them), but I'll lay my money on
the same team that is in here now doing their damndest to keep what we've got
going....If we never get any more than the 435 up, and the 2.4 down, it will
give me enough learning material for many years, and I'm 79.

At one time I couldn't breathe at 435, and now I'm relatively successful
and comfortable at 2.4 gigs.  Lets buck for light on the next one!!

Well said, my friend.  You people "down under" know what it is all

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....
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