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Re: Newbies! Easy-sats promote whining.

At 23:14 07-06-2001, you wrote:

>ISS, UO-14, Lots of whining.

Easy to use, therefore crowded, whining as a result, since "easy" can, by 
definition, never get easy ENOUGH!. What these people really want is a 
chatroom with supportstaff :-((

Easy sats also encourage new hams with less experience and commitment than 
really required.
Same as other "easy" stuff in the rest of society, come to think of it....

>AO-40, Hardly no whining.

Hardly has the userbase of the two others, and requires an effort to get 
on. Once you've made that effort, you are not likely to be the easy-whining 

Different type sats, different type mentality.

Good reasoning, Vince!

73 de OZ1LRG

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