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Re: R: Re: Arcjet Motor

Don Woodward wrote:

> I agree - as a manager, I ask my people to answer the following when
> something goes wrong...
> 1) What happened?
> 2) Why did it happen?
> 3) What can we do to fix it?
> 4) What can we do to prevent it from happening again?
> A lot of people don't want to answer 2 & 4, but you must - otherwise the
> problem/issue will repeat itself. Hopefully AMSAT management is asking these
> questions.

My understanding is that all of that IS known, but there is nothing to be gained
by publicly stating something like "Joe Blow caused this failure".  It has been
stated that it is known what caused the problem and how it happened.  I have
little doubt that it is known who messed up, and it does nothing to to help
AMSAT or it's members by telling who it is.  That person undoubtedly knows, and
I'm sure feels bad enough about it.  We don't need 1000 people telling him that
he messed up.

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