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This is a really good question, John. I hope someone on the reflector knows
the answer. The question is...are the ALON/ALAT values quoted on the Status
page in AO-40 telemetry automatically generated, or does one of the control
team manually update them?

In this particular case, if one of the control team did it, then they were
up in the middle of the night. It occurred at roughly 11:20pm local time,
Atlanta, GA.

Steve Diggs, W4EPI

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Apparently, this information is uploaded to AO-40 which then sends it as
part of the telemetry? It is not generated within the spacecraft?

I ask because I have been watching the last few days and have noticed that
it was not incrementing on its way to 270,0.

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From: Steve Diggs <w4epi@mediaone.net>

> At approximately 0320z 6/8/2001, (11:20pm, Eastern US 6/7/2001) AO-40
> telemetry started reporting 315/-31 for ALON/ALAT.

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