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RE: Is anyone using Pegasus Mail?

Most email programs allow you to export the address books 
although their is not a universal format.  What I did was to add a 
few entries in the Pegagus address book and then export it to a 
file.  Once you do this you will be able to use notepad to look at 
the file.  If you have Excel I beleive you can read the file into Excel 
since it is a tab delimited file.

One minor difficulty is that you need to have an address book 
open.  When it is their is a AddressBook menu option on the 
menubar.  This option replaces the Message option when you have 
a message window open.  It took me a while to find this since it's 
not readily apparent, unless you have an address book open!

Now look at the help screen in Outlook and figure out how to export 
the address book.  Hopefully this will also be in a format that Excel 
can read (ie csv, fixed width, or tab-delimited).  You may have to do 
some minor editing of the file to get Excel to read it, if necessary.

Once you get the file in Excel you can insert columns, and 
rearrange the columns so when you save the file in a tab-delimited 
format.  Then simply try to import the file in to Pegagus. 

According to the help page below, you only need a name and email 
address, all of the other fields are optional, you you may just want 
to export the outlook addressbook and attempt to import it just to 
see what happens.

I actually use this feature to import our clubs membership roooster 
into Pegasus, and it allows me to coordinate my address books at 
home and work (I am really suppose to use Outlook at work, but I 
am a rebel).

Hope this helps,

>From the Pegasus Help Menu:

Importing and Exporting Addressbook Entries

If you have lists of addresses in other programs, you may be able 
to import them into your Pegasus Mail addressbook. Similarly, 
Pegasus Mail allows you to export all or selected addresses from 
an addressbook to a file that can subsequently be imported into 
other applications.

Two import/export formats are available: the first, tagged format, is 
a simple textual format where each line contains one field from the 
entry, starting with a tag, or a name that identifies the field. Only 
Pegasus Mail can usually import this format, but it is easy to read 
and to incorporate into word processors. The second format is tab-
delimited text: in this format, each record is held in a single line in 
the file, and fields within the record are separated from each other 
using <Tab> characters. Tab-delimited format can be easily 
imported into many databases and spreadsheet programs.

When exporting to tagged format, each field is named, so the order 
of the fields is not important: to see the format used during tagged 
export and import, simply select a couple of records in an 
addressbook and choose Export to tagged text file from the 
Addressbook menu. Once the export is complete, examine the 
output file.

When exporting to tab-delimited format, the addressbook fields are 
exported in the following order:

	E-mail address
	Delivery address
	Postal address
	Image filename

In tab-delimited format, you must specify a Name/alias field and an 
E-mail address field - all other fields are optional and can be 
omitted. Fields can also be empty if you wish, and will be safely 
truncated to acceptable lengths if they are too long. When you fail 
to specify a Key field, Pegasus Mail will attempt to create one for 
you - for this reason, Name/alias fields are best expressed as 
"Firstname Lastname".

On 7 Jun 2001, at 23:46, John Stone wrote:

> Now maybe you can give me a hint ....
> How do I import my addy book into Pegasus???  I kinda like it, but it is of
> limited value without the addy books...
> John
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> > >I have been using Eudora as my mail client. It can sort the amsat-bb
> > >message headers by author, date or subject. But in so far as I can
> > >determine, it cannot sort by subject thread.
> >
> >
> > Hi Ron
> > All you have to do in Eudora to sort by title is click on the box
> > above the
> > titles that says subject and it will sort them by subjects. You can click
> > on ANY of the boxes in that line. Even the * or dot that shows
> > your unread
> > messages. This will put anything that you haven't read all together. I do
> > this once in a while and I do find some that have gotten away
> > from me. Give
> > it a try and let me know how it works for you. This is how I
> > delete all the
> > junk messages that I don't care to read..
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > >thanks, ron w8gus.
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Chuck Gooden N9QBT
Rockford, Illinois

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