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Re: Accuracy of tracking programs

You have touched on an interesting problem ... how do we know how acurate
our software is.  T.S. Kelso has done a lot of work in this area and has
written a great article describing his methodology.  Read it at
http://www.celestrak.com/columns/v03n02/ .

 The gist of the article is that he took a program that he wrote (available
for free on his web site) and used some very fancy optical tracking gear to
visually track a LEO bird and compared the measured results against the
predicts from his program.  His results? Better than 0.1 degree error for
the entire pass!

I'd recommend you download his TrakStar program and compare to that to
others.  Of course this is a command line program and doesn't have the
extras like tranceiver interface, rotor interface etc., it makes for a good

-Joe KM1P

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